Allergy to eyelash extensions

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In this article we will discuss problem of an allergy to eyelash extensions. The Beauty requires sacrifice! Some women soothe themselves such folk wisdom. But if you want to be beautiful, you do not have to ruin the health because there are many ways to get what you want to see without harm to health.

Some women have long eyelashes, the others have short ones. Some people can be proud of their sumptuous lashes, while the others have to buy mascara that gives density... By the way, men's eyelashes are longer and more elaborate than the women's lashes because of the male hormones. Every woman wants to look magnificently even both in the sauna and on the beach in the morning, yes, always! Thick and long eyelashes – it is a great way to emphasize the expressive eyes.

You should clear about the lash procedure and materials to identify the cause and effect of allergies. First, only the special adhesive is used for this procedure. Second, if you are allergic to wool, then mink eyelashes aren't for you. Third, are you sure that allergies have come out on the lashes, but not on the make-up? Fourth, allergy may be on the components, but not on the lashes.

If you are interested in my article, then read more about the Pros and Cons of eyelash extensions. There is much useful information, videos, before and after the application photos etc.

Is there an allergic reaction to the extensions of lashes?

Do not forget that an allergic reaction can be taken to its slow course and can be not. If your body cannot cope with the allergy at once, then allergy symptoms will prove in the first few hours, or even minutes. If the body is still struggling for a while, then an allergy to the lashes will prove in a few days.

Red eyes, red eyelids and skin inflammation in the area of your own eyelashes are the main symptoms of allergy. At the first symptoms you must see a doctor and report him about the recent lash procedure. Most likely you will have to remove eyelash extensions.

However, it is very difficult to remove the extended lashes at home, so you should see a specialist. But there is possibility that you will have an acute allergy to eyelash remover. That is why it is important to consult an allergist. You should proud of your natural beauty, there is nothing more unique than a person, and you can make eyelashes thicker and healthier putting Castor oil on them.

And if you've decided to extend your lashes you should think twice.

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Allergy to eyelash extensions

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Allergy to eyelash extensions

This article was published on 2013/03/26