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Trends come and trends go and this season you don't want to be caught in public looking like last year. While it's cool to follow some trends, there are some timeless beauty rules that will get you through every season looking classy, no matter what coast you live on.

Beauty Do #1: Goodbye Helmet Head

No matter the trends, the less done your hair looks, the fresher you'll look. If you curl your hair, brush out the curls ala '50s pinups. If you opt for a bun on the back of the head, set it at the nape of the neck and let it get messy. If you're off to a formal event, spend more time on your makeup and accessories and leave hair loose and sexy. Remember: Fancy, hair-sprayed 'dos are terribly matronly and best left to your grandmother's set.

Beauty Do #2: Contrasting eyes and mouth

Play up your eyes or your mouth, never both or you risk looking like a clown. Nude lips and smokey eyes are a great look. Or try red lips and light eyes.

Beauty Do #3: Apply sunscreen every day no matter the weather

You've heard this preached enough, but it's true. If you get into the habit of sunscreen application daily, you will thank yourself when you're older and relatively lineless.

Can't bother with too many lotions and potions? Consider a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. If you can't stand looking pale, brush on a bronzer. At least it doesn't smell like fake tanners.

Beauty Do #4: Layer fragrances and lipsticks

Sophisticated women know how to properly layer fragrances to create their own signature blends. How to do it? Take your favorite scent and layer a new one atop it. Try out several versions until you find your favorite blend.

You can do the same with lipsticks. Create your own shades with mattes and glosses. If you don't like a shade, don't throw it out, perfect one with other colors in your beauty drawer.

Beauty Do #5: Moisturize after every shower

Skin left unmoisturized will itch, and itching (especially done when you're not paying complete attention) can cause scabs, which in turn can scar. In the shower, make sure you exfoliate your body thoroughly with a loofah.

Beauty Don't #1: Neglecting Your Neck

When you take care of your face, don't stop at the chin: The skin on your neck can be thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your face and just as prone to changes in pigment, elasticity, and texture―and, yes, to wrinkles.
When applying sunscreen to your face, keep going, covering your neck and even your chest.

Beauty Don't #2: Creating a foundation mask

"Choosing the right foundation is really critical, because if you make a mistake there, everything else is thrown off balance," says makeup artist Sue Devitt. "So choosing the right shade and the right formulation, making sure that you look for something that gives you perfectly flawless skin -- critical."

Visit a cosmetics counter, where an expert can show you the best formula for your skin type and lifestyle. For example, stick foundations may be great for your purse, but they also tend to be oilier. Also, try to use the sheerest formula possible. "The whole goal of foundation is to make your skin look like skin," says Stila creator Jeanine Lobell.

Beauty Don't #3: Scaly anything

Keep your complexion fresh and vibrant all year long by exfoliating your face weekly. Your body needs exfoliating as well, so invest in scrubs in your bathtub or shower. (We also recommend showering with exfoliating gloves). A quick pumicing on the soles of your feet during every shower will keep feet soft between pedicures. As for lips, try this Vaseline tip to keep lips from excessive scaling in winter.

Beauty Don't #4: Applying too much makeup

Before piling on all the makeup, take a moment to see what's necessary. "It shouldn't scream 'makeup,'" says Paula Dorf. "Your natural beauty should really show through."
Dany Sanz, creator of Make Up For Ever, adds, "[People] buy a lot of products, they use a lot of colour, but they don't really check, 'what I need exactly.'" In fact, if you're healthy and well-rested, you may not need much makeup. If you do, use a light touch. Says Sanz, "With two or three products you can do a lot."

Beauty Don't #5: Breaking from the rules

Makeup artist Vincent Longo says the easiest way to avoid using too much is to follow this simple routine: foundation, concealer, powder, eyes, mouth and cheeks.
Start with foundation and then step back and take a look at yourself in the mirror. "If you need a little concealer, you dab exactly in the spot that you need the concealer. Blend that with the foundation, and then go ahead and powder," he says. After doing your eyes and mouth, look in the mirror again, "and chances are you don't need a lot of blush."

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Beauty Do's & Dont's

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