How to Stop Blushing In 3 Steps

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Most medical experts believe that blushing is more of an emotional and psychological condition rather than physical. Since it's not a physical condition, it can be handled easier if you know how to control blushing by managing your reactions and free yourself from any inhibition.

If you feel that you that there is no other way out but to feel the redness of your cheeks every time you see your crush or whenever your eyes meet, then you need to look the other way around because there are actually steps that you can follow to avoid blushing from occurring. You can apply these steps whenever you are in a situation that calls for immediate but graceful response from your end.

First, you need to visualize. Think of the times that you blushed. Identify the exact situation when you blushed and try to imagine that you are in that situation right now. More or less, you won't feel that embarrassment on your imagination because you already have in mind on what to say or how to react on that event. If you can get out of that situation smoothly while imagining it, you can surely do it in reality. Determination is the key. The more you think that you are confident, the more that it will come out naturally without the blush.

Second, act naturally. The moment that you were able to show off the confidence that hides within you, everything follows. Your self esteem will be elevated and you can face anyone with grace and without getting embarrassed. Your shyness will be placed where it should be and your ability to converse will be practiced.

Then the third step comes along, live with it. Once you gained your confidence and self esteem, do not expect that you won't be placed on a situation when you can't help but to be shy or scared. But the occurrence should be lesser than before. Every blushing moment must be an opportunity for you to learn something from it. Your goal to stop yourself from blushing should be long term and lasting, or else, you will just find yourself dealing with these problems again. Once you've decided to put an end on your blushing moments, you have to be firm no matter what happens along the way.

You might say that these steps are easier said than done. You are right, but they are possible. Blushing problems cannot be cured overnight and so as the steps cannot be followed easily. But if you are really willing to end your blushing problems, then why not take the first step then do rest afterwards? Do not be frustrated if they won't work the first time you try them or even if they will still not work the second or third time. Be prepared to try different ways until you will be able to find the best way to stop that unwanted blushing. There is no shortcut in coping with this problem but what is more important is that you are willing to try.

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How to Stop Blushing In 3 Steps

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This article was published on 2012/03/29