Lean Six Sigma basics

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Lean Six Sigma certification is another type of Six Sigma certification. What’s the basic difference between simply saying Six Sigma and saying Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma only combines Lean manufacturing strategies with Six Sigma training strategies. This unique combination removes quite some business negatives, like overproduction, over processing, waiting, inventory, motion, transportation and defects.

Lean Six Sigma was first mentioned in the beginning of this millennium. The main idea of Lean Six Sigma is the voice of the client. What does the client think? What does the client like or dislike? Because what your business does, it does it for the clients. Without your clients you have no business. So why focus on your own goals when you need to take a careful look at what the market needs?

Lean Six Sigma certified employees can save thousands of dollars for a company per year. This is because main concepts are:

· Reduce manufacturing costs. In the process of manufacturing, you may pay a lot more than needed on machines or specialists who do a lame work on your projects. Have the best employees in your business and think in perspective – what process will reduce your costs and increase productivity?

· Control the output. Do you provide or manufacture some products? Or simple you are a service provider? It’s important to be in total control of your output – that is your product, that “thing” you sell. The better you have foreseen how your products will be appreciated, the better you will be able to get profits steady and increasing while not needing to put a great lot of efforts on that.

· Baby steps. Lean Six Sigma can be taken step-by-step in its approach. You will see the great benefits of this unique improvement strategy pack even in the very beginning of the process and of the application process.

Lean Six Sigma certification is optimized to provide the most effective costs, release dates and meet the latest production requirements. This is all thanks to working with the concept well-known to simple Six Sigma: the DMADV. DMADV means the following:

· Define

· Measure

· Analyze

· Design

· Verify

Sometimes, during a design process one may easily make a mistake that turns everything upside down later. In that case you need Design for Six Sigma, a strict method/way to change the entire process from the beginning. That’s just like when you are making a plan, realize it all went wrong, realize you’d need an awful lot of time to correct it and choose to re-do it a lot better.

That’s right, partially Lean Six Sigma will only make you use already familiar life views and things you learnt from other sources. However, a Lean Six Sigma certification will avoid wasting situations such as unnecessary processing or other things that waste both money and resources and have no practical role in achieving a quality end-product.

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Lean Six Sigma basics

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Lean Six Sigma basics

This article was published on 2012/04/20