The Race for Face Powder

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Face powder is a big deal in the world of makeup. It is designed to make the girl look good and it is also a really good alternative to some of the other forms of makeup out there. Okay well I lied the face powder is not a form of makeup in itself really, at least not in the traditional sense. It is not meant to enhance your appearance on its own, but what it does is it works with the other makeup that you are wearing to make it look more real and to make it blend in to your face a little bit better. One of the biggest advantages of face powder is that it, along with base, will make sure that there are no awkward greasy spots on your forehead.

If you are in the business of being on stage, whether you are male or female the face powder is going to be a really important addition to your dressing room. In fact I would even go so far as to say that it is a completely necessary product and you won’t look good without it really. You need something that you can apply and that will make sure that your face is not shining weirdly and that there aren’t a ton of blemishes. This is what face powder is especially good for, absorbing moisture, particularly in the form of sweat. If you sweat too much then you will especially need a lot of powder for your face, and if you are in the spot light on stage then chances are if you don’t sweat a lot naturally then you will be sweating a lot that night, so you might as well go out of your way and get some powder to cover yourself.

Though, this is not all it does. Remember earlier when I said it was supposed to work with your other makeup? Well this still applies. Since face powder is good at absorbing moisture, this is what it is for, when you have a particularly large amount of makeup on your face, you apply some face powder to it so that your face will be coated in a light dusting of the stuff. Makeup on its own or most types of it is made so that it will spread. To that extent if someone were to touch your face while you had makeup on it would spread the makeup and get it all over their hands and ruin your coat. You don’t want to have to run into a situation like this and it can really ruin a perfect date.

With face powder you can prevent this kind of awkward situation from occurring in the first place and it will make it so that you don’t have to worry about having any issues with the general public. Especially if you are trying to meet a man, he might want to touch your face later in the night as he leans in to kiss you and getting makeup all over his fingers might be a bad idea. So don’t hesitate, make sure to cover that face in powder before you go out!


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The Race for Face Powder

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The Race for Face Powder

This article was published on 2011/02/14