What Are the Benefits of Facial Masks?

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Facial masks have been used for hundreds of years in many different cultures.  Using ingredients from the Earth, people have covered their skin with healing and purifying remedies in order to detoxify and cleanse.  Facial toner can be made from all kinds of natural elements, and benefit the skin in different ways.  Even with daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, your skin can sometimes use a little extra care to deep clean and rejuvenate skin cells and pores.  Below you’ll find some of the major benefits of facial masks for different skin types, and learn about why face cleanser are so nourishing.  

Benefits of Facial Masks for Acne-Prone Skin
Acne can be caused by bacteria, excess oil, and blocked pores.  To prevent breakouts, you need to keep your skin as clean as possible, as well as provide it with the nutrients it needs to be healthy.  Facial cleansers with clove extract are naturally antiseptic, and fight against blemish-causing bacteria.  Neem oil and turmeric function in a similar way, and are wonderful natural actives that heal the skin while effectively working against acne.  Facial masks with Fuller’s Earth, natural clay high in minerals, have the ability to remove impurities and pull excess oil from skin.  This is particularly beneficial for those with greasy skin searching for facial toners that will balance their complexions.

Benefits of Facial Masks for Dry Skin
Dry skin needs detoxifying, too, but we must be careful not to dehydrate or irritate in the process.  Face toner containing sandalwood are the perfect remedy for soothing the face and purifying the pores.  This natural ingredient not only removes dirt, but softens the skin as well, exfoliating away dead skin cells that cause a complexion to become dull in appearance.  Facial cleansers that bring bright, healthy skin cells to the surface are highly beneficial for those who struggle with dry skin.

Benefits of Facial Masks for Normal Skin
Exfoliating and the removal of dead skin cells are important for normal skin, too, not just dry skin.  Alpha Hydroxyl Acids are highly efficient in getting this job done, and are found in many natural ingredients like fruit.  Dead skin cells can also be whisked away by facial toners containing naturally abrasive ingredients like raw sugar, which is full of nutrients and doubles as a face scrub.

Benefits of Facial Masks for All Skin Types
All faces, no matter the skin type, could use a little deep cleaning sometimes.  Face mask containing clay are effective in treating clogged pores and brightening up the complexion.  Clogged pores do not necessarily mean black heads or acne.  Many people have clogged pores and don’t even realize it.  Clay face masks with ingredients like turmeric or neem will work together to increase blood circulation, fight bacteria, and purify the skin, leaving the face much healthier and happier.  Aspara has many facial masks to choose from.  For a relaxing and beneficial skin treat, try Aspara’s Detoxifying Mud Mask for All Skin Types.  

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What Are the Benefits of Facial Masks?

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What Are the Benefits of Facial Masks?

This article was published on 2012/03/27