Why You May Find Yourself Getting Hooked On Botox

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You may well have noticed that lots of famous people seem to be getting Botox done these days. It is not just women either because several leading male celebrities such as Simon Cowell are said to have had this treatment done in the past to eliminate wrinkles. So should you consider having this done yourself?

Well there is no doubt that this is a very effective way to reduce your wrinkles. However the sad thing is that it is not a one-off treatment that will give you a permanent result. Once you have some Botox injections, you will notice a big improvement shortly after, but the effects will wear off after three or four months on average, and as long as six months if you're lucky.

This means that you need to keep going along to have additional Botox injections every time your wrinkles are becoming more noticeable once again. So the cost of this treatment is an ongoing one.

The trouble is that you cannot really give up this treatment either because you start to get used to seeing yourself in the mirror without any wrinkles. So the thought of giving up Botox altogether and putting up with a wrinkled face is not an appealing one. This is precisely why people become obsessed with this particular treatment.

If you find that you yourself are becoming addicted to this ongoing wrinkle treatment, you should maybe seek out alternative treatments that may be less expensive (and less painful). After all I'm sure you want to avoid looking like certain celebrities who have no facial expressions whatsoever as a result of far too many treatments over the years.

If you don't want to live with your wrinkles, then you may want to try and buy a skin cream that will reduce their appearance. Whilst many of these products may not be quite as effective as Botox, they may reduce the appearance of these wrinkles quite substantially if you apply this skin cream every day.

Plus you should find that some of the newer products are quite advanced, and will be a lot more effective than similar products from a few years ago. So you do have options available to you.

The point is that you have to remember that there are no permanent treatments, unless you have a complete facelift. Botox treatments will give you great results for a few months, and certain skin creams may also help a lot. However these are ongoing treatments, and so you may be better off learning to live with your wrinkles if you possibly can.

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Why You May Find Yourself Getting Hooked On Botox

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Why You May Find Yourself Getting Hooked On Botox

This article was published on 2012/03/29